„When you see a complete unit you worked on leave the factory, it warms your heart.“Peter GorunSupplier Quality Engineer

Peter started out in a company that makes ultralight planes. He applied for a job at Aero because it's a big company with great tradition, and he started working as Supplier Quality Assurance Inspector. His favorite thing about this job is that he gets to be around many different planes and is able to really get to know them.


How did you get to Aero?

I came to Aero in 2013. I graduated from Faculty of Aeronautics at Košice and spent a year working at a company making ultralight planes at Senica. It is hard to find aerospace jobs in Slovakia, though, so I tried to apply at Aero. One of the reasons was that it's a big company with a great tradition.

What was your first job in Aero?

I came to SQA department as Supplier Quality Assurance Inspector. I never worked in quality control before coming to Aero, but I liked working with people and enjoyed learning and getting to know new things. All the items bought for cooperation programmes went through our department. After two years though, there were some changes in the company that I couldn't get behind, so I accepted an offer from a different company.

What made you come back?

I returned after three months. The changes in quality department eventually led to the creation of the position of Supplier Quality Engineer, and I liked the concept. The jobs description was expanded with auditing processes at our suppliers, so I could get right to them and also solve problems more in depth. Also, it brought me back to planes, which I've been crazy about since I was a child.

What do you see as the biggest benefit of working for Aero?

My job allows me to get hands-on with many different parts of airplane, from a part that you can hide in the palm of your hand to structural parts of the plane. When the KC-390 project started, all the parts that were bought for it went through our department. This enabled me to watch it really closely and in detail. When you see a complete unit you worked on leaving the factory, it warms your heart.

In July, one of the KC-390 prototypes visited Vodochody. Did you go see it?

Of course I had to go see it. And touch it.