There's a story behind each one of us.Meet people who are AERO.

Ivo LorencHead of Tool Building and Development Workshop

„At Aero, you'll find interesting, unique kind of work that isn't done anywhere else in the Czech Republic.“

Pavel TrybenekrAviation Engineer

„You'll hardly find a workplace with such concentration of enthusiasts anywhere else.“

Peter GorunSupplier Quality Engineer

„When you see a complete unit you worked on leave the factory, it warms your heart.“

Michal KroftaDirector of Manufacturing Programmes

„Working at Aero gave me a lot of experience and an opportunity to meet interesting people.“

Pavel HenzlStructural Computing Specialist

„Working at Aero enabled me to work with a whole array of interesting planes. That's a wonderful experience for an engineer.“

Barbora Leon NazarioQuality Analyst

„Getting used to a demanding work in aerospace wasn't easy, but it was worth it.“

Diego Manreza TomazDirector of Business Excellence

„What's interesting about Aero isn't just the formidable history, but also the ability to work with the best players in the market today.“