Come build world-class planes with us.All you need is skillful hands and an open mind.

It's a unique feeling when you see a plane you worked on taking off. We here at Aero Vodochody know the feeling well – and you can enjoy it with us. In the last 100 years, we've created many a legendary machine. From the first fighter plane we built in 1920, to jet trainers L-29 Delfín and L-39 Albatros, that are in service all around the world to this day.

We are not sleeping on the laurels, though. We continue to develop and build our own planes (like the new generation of the L-39 NG Albatros), and we work together with the biggest names of the aviation industry.

Almost 2,000 people work tirelessly to ensure only top notch planes leave our factory. And because you can never have enough skilled hands, we are looking for more all the time. Currently, we could use painters, riveters, metal sheet workers, machinists, aircraft mechanics and NC operators. It doesn't matter if you have an experience in aviation industry. Most important is to have a perfect command of your field and give your best to the job. Your reward will be not only the generous pay and benefits, but also an opportunity to work on projects that give Czech Republic a great name all over the world.

The feeling is really worth it!

Ivo LorencHead of Tool Building and Development Workshop

„At Aero, you'll find interesting, unique kind of work that isn't done anywhere else in the Czech Republic.“

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